Saturday, February 17, 2007

FRA demonstration

Another demonstration was held today in Stockholm by the Pirate Party, this time in response to the proposed law that would allow surveilance of most communication passing the Swedish border. The law would mean that the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment will be able to tap into all e-mails, phone calls and other internet usage.

The organizers were Piratpartiet together with Ung Pirat, Liberala Ungdomsförbundet and Ung vänster.


Blogger zinkydays said...

Hi Ulf,

Students at the University of Westminster in London, UK, have recently produced a 'dummy' magazine about social networking.

The magazine has an article about the website Pirate Bay which uses the Stockholm protest image from your blog.

The magazine will be entered into student awards, but will not be sold.

Can you confirm whether you will allow us to use the picture?

My email address is

Sorry to contact you through comments - I couldn't see any other contact info on the blog.


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