Saturday, June 03, 2006

Pictures from the piracy demonstration

Demonstration in Stockholm.
A one hour demonstration was held today in response to the raid on The Pirate Bay, Piratbyrån and more on May the 31:th, where over 100 servers were seized. This without any proven criminal offence.

The demands of the demonstration were that the Swedish goverment, instead of criminalizing more than one million of their citizens should seek a compromise in the issue.

The organizers were Piratpartiet, Piratbyrån, Grön ungdom, Liberala Ungdomsförbundet and Ung vänster.


Anonymous Magda said...

HIttade den här sidan:
Han som gjort designen (andreas) är en av många som försöker lyfta fram det positiva med fildelning så varför inte använda en medpirats arbete för att visa upp bilderna! :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, nice one.

Geeks unite. :-D

Anonymous Spike said...

VERY cool. It's about time someone stood up against the tide of excessive anti-piracy coming in everywhere.

It does nothing to stop the pirates, and everything to stop normal people enjoying things the have legitimately (not to mention the fact the the industry isn't loosing anthying by it).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As this information-driven technical revolution unfolds, thought must be given towards a completely new copywrite 'contract' re-balance.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the pirate party had any balls whatsoever, they'd just call for a boycott. Course, that would mean sacrifice, and most persons involved in this fiasco don't seem willing to do so. Perhaps they're all a lot of whiny childish hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Thats an excellent point...and one we should all be thinking about...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait... a boycott of what? Their own government? The police?.... The MPIAA (It's doubtful many of them bought their products to begin with, hence party membership.) Their outrage was at the Swedish minister of justice, who gave in to American orders, do you propose that they boycott the law in general and just start murdering people to accomplish their goals?... Personally I'm just slightly disapointed international protests weren't organized.

Blogger camspin said...

awesome. someone needs to start an american branch of the pirate party

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pirate Bay TV4 demonstration

Video from the demonstration in sweeden, originally broadcast on TV4.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool. I'm thinking of organising one here in Murnau/Bavaria/Germany.

Anonymous Murph said...

Thats pimp. Rock on bittorent, and its wonderful community

Anonymous Autistici-Inventati Project said...

In solidarity.
Cavallette Blog


Anonymous Keith said...

This is unbelieavable! The raid on ThePirateBay has triggered a demonstration.

There is a very thin line drawn here, which is the demonstration is against the police raiding the company, for shutting down the servers which services over large number of companies, or against the closure of PirateBay.

Anonymous Simon said...

awesome, good to see so many people turned up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can download TV coverage in a torrent from here:
(thanks to kitk3000 for the link)

or as a direct download from here:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yess, stand up, hurray!
thanks a lot to these people, not willing to let the industry make them bleed und punished for things, this industry simple misunderstood in the past. thanks.

Blogger One Guy in a Hat said...

This UK citzen salutes all the people who went on the march, and the good folks over at Piratebayan, and ThePirateBay.

Keep fighting.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can somebody tell me what: tolt fildelare - means?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sry: I mean : stolt ... of course

Blogger Ulf Sjöström said...

"Stolt fildelare" means "Proud file sharer"

Blogger Free PS3/Wii said...

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous joe said...

here's some more pictures of the demostration:

Anonymous Anonymous said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Standing up to anti-piracy"... is this truly the new evil? The defense of copyright law? Is copyright law evil?

Is the Pirate Bay truly an innocent bystander, just offering people a way to enjoy their legally-acquired intellectual property?

I get so tired of this: "Companies really need to get with the program and realize that they aren't stopping piracy". Well, what is the alternative? Should EVERYTHING BE FREE? I just get so tired of the "they should adapt to the 21st century instead of going with old business models" OK, well what is that magic adaptation? So many people just think that freely downloading anything is a solution.

"The demands of the demonstration were that the Swedish goverment, instead of criminalizing more than one million of their citizens should seek a compromise in the issue."

AGAIN-- what compromise? Pirate Bay exists to illegally propagate files. And I did use the hell out of it, I will admit straight away.

So you can write me off as a hypocrite. But, I just wanted to say that I get tired of hearing that what I was doing was "BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE-- LET INFORMATION BE FREE!"

That's just a lazy excuse.

How does stopping the Pirate Bay "stop normal people enjoying things they have legimately"? What normal people are affected by the Pirate Bay??

OK, i should remain anonymous to avoid DoS attacks. Anyone else have comments?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I admire Sweden people which are so active in front of these problems.
Skynet, from Italy

Anonymous Anonymous said...

go pirate,go! :D

Anonymous @Decanter said...

Information can be free in a productive manor
And I say it is ethically necessary for it to be free

Just look at the copyleft work, the G.N.U., Linux, and all the free, modifiable software that often works considerably better than anything produced by a profit driven corporation.

What the Hollywood and Microsoft want to do with their “Trusted Computing” and copyright law enforcement is essentially to take control of all computerized information.
If you don’t understand this look up Palladium or the Next Generation Secure Computing Base or on the other hand look up Richard Stallman who said:
“Digital information technology contributes to the world by making it easier to copy and modify information. Computers promise to make this easier for all of us. Not everyone wants it to be easier. The system of copyright gives software programs ``owners'', most of whom aim to withhold software's potential benefit from the rest of the public. They would like to be the only ones who can copy and modify the software that we use. What does society need? It needs information that is truly available to its citizens---for example, programs that people can read, fix, adapt, and improve, not just operate. But what software owners typically deliver is a black box that we can't study or change.
There exist clever ethical arguments on both sides but I have to ask
Where is the virtue and utility in restricting useful information from people?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Photoshop should be free to all users?

I wish we could stop talking in the abstract... eg. "information should be free", and be more specific.

Should movies be free to download?

The response I hear is, "No, but execs need to get with the times and stop forcing copy protection on us". OK, so it should be free?

Don't get me wrong, I love the open source movement, and I'm trying to completely shift to that paradigm. But PirateBay does not champion open source.


Anonymous mic said...

Wir sind die Zukunft! We are the Future! Nous sommes l'avenir! ¡Somos el futuro! Siamo il futuro! نحن المستقبل!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job! Well done. We need to fight the usa lobbies.

greetings from Italy!

Anonymous re said...

Great work!!!
I just hope we are enough to win this fight!

greetz re-aktor

Anonymous Anonymous said...

some interesting responses.

should movies be free ?
different question ... is there any reason that movies cost millions to make a crappy piece of shit, that needs to take another million marketing campaign to make at least some people go to the movies ??

I think all arts should go back to their roots. art and culture should be free... they were always free before the industrial revolution kicked in. most of the greatest artist of mankind were poor like a beggar. art should not be something to make you rich. it is ok if it works out that way, but real artists do their job for satisfaction not for money.

for software it is a bit different, since it can be either a tool or personal entertainment (similar to arts). I am a professional developer myself, and I really dont care if anyone uses my creations for his personal fun. so basically I am totally alright with creating software for free.

the only restiction I would like to see: if software, music, movies whatever.. is used to make money.
in that case the original creator should definately get some huge return.
and this is also different from todays standards. the "good guys" from the media industry rip off the artists. without artists the industry wouldnt even exist... well they sometimes seem to forget this fact.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

from Italy:
saturday i was in stockolm and i partecipate to the demonstration.
p2p forever.
pirate bay free.

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